Mixed Nuts (English Cover)【 Will Stetson 】「SPY×FAMILY OP」

Mixed Nuts (English Cover)【 Will Stetson 】「SPY×FAMILY OP」

A song about the closeness of “family.”
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Original: OFFICIAL HIGE DANDISM (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbH2F0kXgTY&ab_channel=Official%E9%AB%AD%E7%94%B7dism)
Vocals, Lyrics, Subs: Will Stetson
Mix: Dictate
Instrumental: @JonatanKing

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Within this world we love we’re just like nuts in a mixed bag, packed tightly
And everyone has a partner they love who they snuggle tight, now everything feels alright!
We look into each other’s eyes and smile like we’re peanuts, so brightly
But honestly the truth is obvious, this whole display is just a lie

What you see is only a template, golden standard to all those passing by, but it’s deeper than they know
Feelings never shown, even when we’re all alone, no one but each other
Hands on the table, but we’re just putting on a show

Constantly choking back our secrets, lying abound; this is no home, you know
I try to provide alibis, but still I cry, from my teeth my true emotions need to be pried
No nothing is secure, I’m drifting, pathetic; it’s no life and I know
Now every day’s so mediocre, boring and plain, passing by
But really I don’t even mind, ‘cause you are by my side
Now the truth is out, it feels so good! My stomach’s full and satisfied

But suddenly it was apparent, you weren’t a peanut, shell gone from sight
And everyone disappeared from your side; no one else remained, they thought that you weren’t right
But that was when I stood beside you, hoping to earn your love and praise
So through thick, and through thin, you and I, we can face them all
Both our shells they will become unbreakable

Whether you were born in the ground or in a tree skyward bound, it doesn’t make any difference yet to me
No we’re all the same, all we need is sun and rain to survive in this world
Let’s make this barren land a fresh and hopeful place to be

Gazing outside, the weather’s frightful, freezing and wet I watch it go, you know
Inside I’m alright, storms are such a delight, ‘cause there’ll always be days where all the stars, they won’t shine
Now let this life go by, surprises can happen in this show, and I know
Anything could happen but it is what it is, that I know
I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts, and never let it go

Constantly choking back our secrets, lying abound; but it’s my home, you know
Now we can try to fill our stomachs inside, with a great home-cooked meal, or something plain from outside
Now nothing is assured, and everything changes in this life, and I know
Now every day’s so mediocre, boring and plain, passing by
But really I don’t even mind, ‘cause you are by my side
Now the truth is out, it feels so nice! My stomach’s full and satisfied
I’ll keep on going through this miracle with you, this little something we call life!